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The holiday season is upon us. With the shopping frenzy at its peak, this is the perfect time to start shopping for a retro group or re-evaluate your current retro program. When evaluating which retro group fits best for your company, here are a few things to consider.

Program performance

This one is pretty simple—how good are retro groups at earning refunds, and do they offer side-by-side comparisons with multiple years of history? ROII provides nine years of group refund history, and if you’re in another retro group, we will provide you with a comparison.

You also want to pay attention to how much of the group refund participants are actually receiving.
While we can’t speak for other retro groups, we can speak for ROII, and we make our refund report front and center on our website. Below is a chart that shows the range of refunds ROII participants received and what was paid out at 1st adjustment for plan years that aren’t complete yet:

ROII participant refunds are weighted on performance, which means the better a company performs (premium compared to claim costs) for a plan year, the more refund they can earn. The low end of the range represents companies that barely qualified for a refund, and the high end represents top performers.
Retro groups should be more than just refunds. It’s important to know what services they provide to help you earn great refunds, protect your employees, lower your upfront costs, and help you run your business more efficiently. Below is a list of services that ROII provides in-house:
  • In-house claims assistance
    Every ROII participant has a dedicated claim representative that helps them through every single aspect of a claim. We anticipate what L&I or doctors will need, and we make sure they have it so they can make a decision.
  • In-house safety and prevention
    ROII’s safety field representatives work one-on-one with participants to assist with high frequencies of injuries or alarming injury trends that could impact retro refunds, L&I rates, or employee productivity. Field staff assessments are personalized and specific to the needs of each participant. We don’t judge our success on how many visits we can make but on whether we have made a true impact on reducing the frequency and severity of injuries.
  • Education
    It’s essential for ROII to empower our participants to have control over their own safety performance, and education is a big piece of that. We offer a variety of classes aimed at helping companies work safer, understand their own risks and run smarter, safer companies.

Program cost

ROII charges 1.5% of a company’s annual L&I premium as an enrollment fee each year. The remainder of our costs are taken out of the overall group refund from L&I.
Some retro groups take nothing up-front and take all of their operating costs out of the refund they get from L&I. If a retro group is contracting with a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), their total operating cost depends on what their TPA is charging them for their services.

Program management

Is the retro group managed by the group sponsor (inhouse), or is the group outsourcing its management to a TPA? If they are outsourcing, how many other retro groups does the TPA manage?

ROII is operated by ROII/BIAW staff and has been since our program started in 1982. We control how we operate our program, what services we offer and how to best advocate for our participants and members. We know the program and the needs of our members better than any TPA. And ROII knows the construction industry because that is who we are, and that’s all we do.

Who is my participation supporting?

A business association sponsors every retro group, and most sponsors take a piece of the overall refund to benefit their association.

ROII is sponsored by BIAW and supports all 14 local home builders’ associations across the state. In 2022 alone, BIAW and our local associations received over $6 million from ROII to further these efforts. This money is crucial for BIAW and our locals to provide all of the services, advocacy and support they provide to their members and the building industry as a whole at the state and local levels.


Last but certainly not least, how easily can you get answers to all of these questions from a retro group when asked? Or, in other words, how up-front and honest is the retro group about how much things cost, where the money goes and how they really perform? Retro is complicated, but too many groups hide behind this fact and limit the information they are willing to share or try to simplify too much. If you’re going to do a thorough evaluation of programs, you need the facts, whether they’re complicated or not.
Start the new year off right by filling out our inquiry form to get your comparison or to get started. 

If you have any questions or want more information about the program, don’t hesitate to contact us at enroll@roii.com or call (360) 352-7800.

Happy shopping!

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