Safety Pays

Here at ROII, we know every claim is different. With every claim, we take the time to understand each unique situation and how to best advocate for our participants. Because ROII’s seasoned claim representatives have a keen eye and notice red flags right away, our participants consistently have better claim outcomes. 

Individualized assistance

One such case was a recent occupational disease claim with Anderson Landscaping located in Wenatchee. Occupational disease claims are notoriously complicated. With these types of claims, it’s essential to look at the employee’s work history and any prior workers’ comp claims in order to paint a larger picture. Something with this claim just didn’t seem right.

Anderson Landscaping employed a worker who previously owned their own landscaping business for 28 years. During those 28 years, and even further back, this worker developed a shoulder condition that impaired their ability to do specific tasks on the job. 

Logan Gillihan, Anderson Landscaping’s dedicated ROII claim representative, expedited the process of creating a formal light duty job offer and worked to obtain a job history. He later coordinated with the injured worker to fill gaps in their job history to have the best opportunity for disbursing liability amongst all previous employers.

Going the extra mile

Logan even contacted the worker’s doctor to see if any of their previous work history could have contributed to their shoulder problems. As Logan suspected, the doctor acknowledged that all of their prior work experience could have been a contributor. This information was then sent to Labor and Industries (L&I) to decide who was liable for the claim. 

Shortly after the information was presented, L&I determined Anderson Landscaping was not, in fact, liable for the claim at all. 

Hard work pays off

ROII put in the hard work, and it paid off. Anderson Landscaping was not responsible for the claim that L&I determined would cost a whopping $162,556.

“We had a tricky claim that could have cost us over $160,000,” said Joe Anderson, owner of Anderson Landscaping. “Our ROII claim representative Logan was there with us every step of the way, and the support that ROII gives us is invaluable. Even after the claim was closed, they came out to help us with best hiring practices, and they are coming out to have a staff safety training day. We couldn’t have done it without them!” 

Best practices and safety moving forward

Logan and local ROII Field Representative Kevin Patrick later visited with Anderson Landscaping to help go over best hiring practices and the importance of obtaining a complete work history upon hiring a new employee. Anderson Landscaping was eager to learn more ways to avoid these types of claims in the future, so ROII Safety Director Bob White has planned a visit to do a safety presentation for their entire staff. 

Innovative approaches

Our innovative approach to claims assistance is one of the many services ROII provides. In fact, many participants say this is the most valuable service we provide.

None of our services are outsourced or come with hidden fees; we do the hard work in-house to help you resolve claims quicker and equip you with the tools to help prevent injuries. Even if that means driving to your job site and educating your workers on safety and prevention, our local field representatives service all of Washington and are passionate about helping you meet your safety goals.

With ROII, safety has its rewards!

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