Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, get your favorite contractor, remodeler or home builder a gift they can use to help make their job a little easier. Whether they need a new gadget or want to add more tools to their arsenal, these holiday gift ideas will surely fit their needs.
AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press - $39.95

Let’s face it. We live in the land of coffee snobs, and if you’re not drinking the best possible cup of coffee every morning, are you even living? This coffee press is a great on-the-go, travel coffee-making option that offers delicious coffee without any bitterness.
Contractor Mug - $24.99

This quality mug is for every caffeine-fueled contractor or builder, which is nearly all of them. It’s also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Ember Travel Mug - $199.95

For the smarty pants in your life, the Ember Travel Mug² allows them to set their exact drinking temperature and then keeps it there for up to three hours, so their coffee is never too hot or too cold.

FORABEST 2-In-1 Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box - $39.99

Level up your loved one’s lunch game with a warm, homemade meal. This lunch box keeps lunch warm whether they leave it in their truck or plug it in at the jobsite. The removable stainless steel containers and carrying bags make it super convenient. Almost as convenient as getting fast food. Sort of.
TrueWerk Work Wear

TrueWerk brings the technologies, materials, techniques and ideas to restore workwear to the forefront of apparel innovation within the trades and beyond. Shop using their layer system (base layer—next to skin, mid layer—insulation and shell layer—protection), by color, weather or type of apparel. Half the job is looking cool, anyhow.

Keen Boots

Keen offers great waterproof work boot options that are comfortable, keep you warm and prevent slips. These boots are not only functional but also durable. They’ve also been dance tested, so the builder in your life can get down on the jobsite to their favorite tunes.

Novelty Socks - $12.49

When in doubt, get them socks! These aren’t just any old socks. These socks have tools on them. Wow!

Carpe Sweat Control - $12.71+

Give the hot builder or contractor in your life some help with their sweat woes—from head to toe. When it comes to sweat on the jobsite, you have to take different approaches. For maximum sweat-stopping efficiency, Carpe products are loaded with sweat-absorbing powders and a careful blend of supporting ingredients giving you a far drier feeling than the aluminum salt alone would achieve. I’m not sweating. I’m crying. I mean...

Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System

They see me rolling. They hatin’ that I have the Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System, and they don’t. This storage system is highly customizable. Whether they’re looking to organize their SUV, van or truck or looking for a portable rolling toolbox system, the possibilities are endless. Bonus—you can use this for hobbies like fishing, hiking and knitting.

Skateplate® Sidewinder and Skateguide® Combo - $79.95

Is the builder in your life a little OCD? Transform their right drive circular saw into a precision cutting tool with the Skateplate®. Two durable rollers with bearings put your saw on a rolling track, giving you straight and smooth cutting while increasing cut efficiency. Installation takes only minutes, and it gives you greater control and accuracy. Left-handed options are also available on their website.

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