Consider a Safety Career in Construction

By Bob White, ROII Safety Services Director

With the construction industry booming, employers need help in the safety arena now more than ever. While the industry may be booming, finding skilled workers to fill much-needed positions, unfortunately, continues to be a challenge. 

As we work to attract young people into the trades and retain existing workers who might be seeking alternative career paths, it’s important to make sure everyone knows about your commitment to safety. 

Purpose with a Paycheck

According to many nationwide surveys, students and workers alike from all generations want a job that combines purpose with a paycheck. Construction safety jobs are a great combination of the two. 

Safety personnel play one of the most critical roles in the construction industry and come with competitive salaries with some companies offering over six-figures for top talent.

Also, a position as a safety manager is perfect for older workers not ready to retire who want to leave the heavy lifting to younger workers. Retraining these highly experienced employees into safety roles helps the younger ones work safer and more efficiently. These more experienced employees are also great mentors for the next generation.

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Workers find companies with stellar safety reputations and cultivated cultures of safety and teamwork very attractive. Safety managers, in cooperation with company owners, have the power to create this environment. One of the most satisfying rewards for a safety manager is ensuring employees go home safe daily. 

Workplace injuries are hard on everyone. Aside from the loss in production and extra time spent hiring and training new workers, our employees are our people. An injury can be devastating to their families, their livelihoods and their future—and that’s important to all of us.

The construction industry depends on safety managers who can improve processes, provide training, and prevent accidents that can cause injuries or even claim lives. As the industry grows, filling construction safety jobs with the right people will be critical to companies’ ability to compete for jobs and complete them safely and effectively. It will also strengthen the industry’s reputation as a growing and safe career choice.

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