February: Celebrating our Love for Safety

By Bob White
ROII Safety Services Director

February is the month many celebrate love. Some celebrate Valentine’s Day. Others celebrate their love of sports at Superbowl get-togethers. 

It’s also a great time to bring the love to our safety meetings by sharing why safety is so important. It's important to remember those who love us and count on us to do the right thing so we come home from work each day alive and with all our limbs still attached.


Safety is love
Sometimes I hear from people:
“I didn’t have time to put on my safety glasses. I was only going to run the grinder for a minute to cut the end off.”
“I didn’t feel like putting on my fall harness. The roof wasn’t really that high. I wasn’t going to be up there that long.”
When I hear comments like these, I like to ask:
“If you brought your son or daughter to work with you today, would you make them wear safety glasses while grinding? Or make them put on fall protection while they were on the roof with you?”
The answer I always get is, “Well, of course.”
Then I ask the question, “Why?”
Answer: “Because I love my kids and I wouldn’t want them to get hurt.”
I tell them, “Your kids also love you and count on you to come home each day in one piece so you can take them to that soccer game or baseball game or play together in the backyard.”


Remember why it matters
Too often, we don’t take a moment to consider the safety elements of each task or why we work safely. Many tasks in the trades have the potential for considerable risk and harm, but those risks can always be mitigated by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and taking a moment to consider the safety element.

Your February weekly safety meetings are a great time to remind employees why we work safely and to take a moment to consider how to do the job safely before you begin. Some employers encourage workers to bring a picture of their families or loved ones to work with them to remind them every day why we take a moment to consider the element of safety.

During the "Month of Love" and every month, remember: No task is too important to risk your safety. Your loved ones need you to be safe.


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