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Hard hats are crafted from wear high-quality, wear-resistant materials, yet they have a finite lifespan. The protective attributes of a hard hat can deteriorate when subjected to various routine work conditions, including extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, sunlight, and everyday wear and tear. Learn more about identifying when it's time to replace your hard hat.

Want to be rewarded for safety in your workplace? Join the crowd—by joining the state’s largest, longest-operating construction Retro (Retrospective Rating) safety incentive program: ROII. It’s the workers’ comp safety program trusted by more Washington businesses.

Finding employees for the construction trades has become a real challenge, and even worse, finding skilled employees. Everyone is frustrated with the labor shortage, but cutting corners on sound hiring practices can lead to a worse situation than had you not hired at all. Every year, ROII can trace a large percentage of claim costs back to poor hiring practices.