What is ROII?

ROII is Washington State’s largest, longest-operating Retro (Retrospective Rating) safety incentive program. Our goal is to eliminate injuries through improvements in workplace safety and preventative strategies. If an employee is injured, we'll help you help them get better quicker with a successful return-to-work experience.

Businesses that participate and share our goal can earn an average refund of 38%. Only ROII has returned over $500 million in refunds to participating companies since 1982. With field reps across the state, we understand how things work -- right where you work. Large or small, we have your back.


ROII Claims Assistance

Ben Bower

ROII Claim Services Manager

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 117

Email: benb@biaw.com

Deondra Cooley

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: O, S

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 120

Email: deondrac@biaw.com

Logan Gillihan

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: A, W, N

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 115

Email: logang@biaw.com

Alex Horn

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: I, M, Q

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 127

Email: alexh@biaw.com

Krystal Lucas

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: C, F, L, X

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 141

Email: krystall@biaw.com

Theresa Mullan

ROII Medical Case Manager

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 125

Email: theresam@biaw.com

Joanne Nichols

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: F, P, T, V

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 122

Email: joannen@biaw.com

Dawn Peterson

ROII Claim Representative/Coach

Companies: E, H, U

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 154

Email: dawnp@biaw.com

Scott Phillips

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: D, J, K, R

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 145

Email: scottp@biaw.com

Teresa Sheldon

ROII RAP/Triage Specialist

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 136

Email: teresas@biaw.com

Calen Thompson

ROII Claim Representative

Companies: B, G, Y, Z

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 162

Email: calent@biaw.com

Anh Tran

ROII Triage Specialist

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 138

Email: anht@biaw.com

ROII Boots on the Ground

Jesse Balbin

ROII Field Representative

Western Washington

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 157

Email: jesseb@biaw.com

Jim Breidenbach

ROII Field Representative

Greater Spokane Area

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 129

Email: jimb@biaw.com

Kevin Patrick

ROII Field Representative

Central/NW Washington

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 165

Email: kevinp@biaw.com

Jan Rohila

ROII Marketing Field Representative

Greater Puget Sound Area

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 101

Email: janr@biaw.com

Bob White

Safety Services Director

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 109

Email: bobw@biaw.com

Last But Not Least

Sabrina Arrants

ROII Admin/Education Coordinator

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 134

Email: sabrinaa@biaw.com

Jessica Bass

ROII Enrollment Manager

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 132

Email: jessicab@biaw.com

Michael Couthran

ROII Assistant Director

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 158

Email: michaelc@biaw.com

Alan Gruse

ROII Litigation & Investigation Manager

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 144

Email: alang@biaw.com

Leah Jaber

ROII Marketing Manager

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 110

Email: leahj@biaw.com

Kristeen Johnson

ROII Underwriter/Field Services Manager

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 119

Email: kristeenj@biaw.com

Jenn Kavanaugh

ROII Director

Phone: (360) 352-7800 Ext. 123

Email: jennk@biaw.com